Putting everything together.

Most components are part of something bigger—and Jackson Manufacturing can take your component to the next level through our in-house assembly.

We’re your best value for turning simple components or sub-assemblies into finished products. We can offer high-volume, manual, semi-automated, or fully automated assembly, using parts that are molded in-house, purchased, or supplied by you.

From molding to shipping: We partner with you throughout production.

Since 1987, Jackson Manufacturing has been a leader in providing work for persons with disabilities. We’re proud to have these dedicated team members assisting with our assembly work.

Contract Assembly

Quality Control

Quality control is part of the process.

Each part Jackson Manufacturing produces is inspected and monitored according to your specifications. Our inspection process employs a wide range of calibrated hand-held instruments and devices—in addition to the watchful eyes of our experienced team members.

Every component must meet your high standards—and ours.

Contract Assembly